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Make long trips without complications, reduce costs and avoid bad times at the steering wheel with mechaniQ’s profeesional engine tuning service.

When engine tuning necessary?

  • The car consumes more oil than normal
  • Abnormal vibrations or noise in the motor
  • Power loss
  • Requires service more often
  • When accelerating blue smoke comes out of the exhaust, which means that it is burning oil.
  • Load limitation and poor acceleration

Waiting too long

can be costly

The engine tuning does not depend on the age of the car and how much you have driven it, it depends on the type of use and treatment you give your car, the oils you use and the care you provide. After a certain number of mileage, the engine suffers from wear, especially due to bad maintenance routines.

Engine tuning prevents larger and more costly damage in the long run, it is better replacing a faulty part today than the entire engine in one week. The tuning returns all parts of the engine to their original place. Every car needs engine tuning at some point because the engine parts wear out due to their age and the use we make of them.

At MechaniQ we love healthy engines, that’s why we give you the more advanced technology and more than 40 years of combined experience to ensure your engine is functioning 100 percent of its capacity.


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