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At mechaniQ, we appreciate your vehicle

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Dealing with a new auto loan can be daunting especially when you know the value of your new vehicle will go down by 20% after the first year and 15% through the second and third year while you’re still trying to pay off your loan.

Instead of taking an another debt towards a depreciating asset, you can save yourself the hassle and extent the life of your current vehicle by performing all the required repairs and maintenance with mechaniQ’s Easy Monthly Payment option.

Very much like dealerships when it comes to the capital cost of the car and being able to emmertize and spread it over the time, we’re able to do that with the operating cost.

When you purchase a set of tires and have them installed and balanced. Rather than paying 1000 now, you can spread it over the next 3 years for 37.29$ per month – It emmertizes and smoothes the operating cost and helps to budget and make the cost of vehicle ownership more affordable and more manageable to help canadians extend the useful life of their vehicles.

At mechaniQ, we appreciate your vehicle.

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