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What is the Best Car to Buy?

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What is the Best Car to Buy?

At mechaniQ, we have clients that have had the same tech working on their vehicle for over a decade!  You can imagine how satisfying it is for us to see that odometer roll past 200,000km and still going strong.  We can’t take all the credit for it.  Ultimately, our recommendations of preventative maintenance have to be approved by our clients.  They are the ones in control of the health of their car.

Often times our clients come to us with industry questions.  They are looking for tips to keep their vehicle lasting longer or just want to know the best product to clean their tires with.  By far, the most common question is, “What is the best car to buy?”

Taking this into consideration, we asked our lead techs at our 5 locations their opinion.  We weren’t looking for a comprehensive answer.  Just the subjective opinion of the people who have collectively worked on and repaired thousands of vehicles spanning over 40 years.  They took into account how many times they see the same problem from certain car manufacturers.  They took into account engines or mechanical systems that seem to fail far too early in the life of the vehicle.  We asked them to pick a car, SUV/ minivan and truck that would last the longest and need the least amount of major repairs.

Every single tech prefaced their choices by saying that ALL VEHICLES CAN LAST A LONG TIME WITH PROPER MAINTENANCE!  At mechaniQ, we pride ourselves on prolonging the useful life of every vehicle we service.  But if you had to buy 1 vehicle today and committed to maintaining it to the highest standard, these are the vehicles our techs recommended:

mechaniQ Aquitaine

Compact Car: Mercedes Smart Car

Minivan/ SUV: Toyota Highlander

Fullsize Truck: Toyota Tundra


mechaniQ Beech Motorworks (Hamilton)

Compact Car: Toyota Corolla

Minivan/ SUV: Honda CRV

Fullsize Truck: GMC Sierra


mechaniQ Streetsville

Compact Car: Subaru Imprezza

Minivan/ SUV: Subura Forester

Fullsize Truck: GMC Sierra


mechaniQ Winston Churchill

Compact Car: Toyota Corolla

Minivan/ SUV: Subura Forester

Fullsize Truck: Ford F150


mechaniQ Oakville

Compact Car: Toyota Corolla

Minivan/ SUV: Dodge Caravan

Fullsize Truck: Chevy Silverado


Feel free to visit any of these locations to discuss this topic with our techs.