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Wheel Alignment

Your safety and comfort is a priority. We are equipped with the latest computerized technology to align your tires and ensure your comfort at the steering wheel.

Benefits of having a correct

alignment in the tires

The timely alignment of your vehicle will help you not only to be more secure behind the steering wheel, it also helps you save some money. Because:

  • Contributes to reasonable fuel consumption by decreasing rolling resistance.
  • gives you more control over the car avoiding accidents
  • Makes driving more comfortable by providing more traction smooth with low rolling resistance.
  • Extends the useful life of tires.

Wheel alignment

is not only a matter of comfort

The wheel alignment process verifies that the 4 tires of your car are straight and goes straight ahead, this maintains the stability of the vehicle and prolongs the useful life of the

We recommend balancing the two axes of the car (front and rear) every 6 months or every 10,000 km. But there are other factors that makes it necessary to do it before. For example:

  • If the tires show irregular wear, if the vehicle does not go in a straight line when driven
  • The steering wheel feels harder
  • After an accident if the vehicle turns more easily to one side than another or will never return to its original position
  • When the front and rear tires are not on the same line
  • After a tire change or maintenance of the steering or suspension system.

Preventing failures and avoiding accidents is our job, do not miss these signs, make an appointment with the best team in Ontario.


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