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Brake services

Your safety is our priority, mechaniQ is equipped with advanced technology to detect and correct all possible problems with your vehicle brake system.

Signs that your vehicle

brakes are failing

The most common problem when the brakes are failing is the pads are worn and need be replaced, However, there are many other factors that may be affecting the braking system in your vehicles such as having a damaged rotor, leaks of some engine fluid or loss of Hydraulic brake fluid pressure.


Be on the safe side.

Ensure your braking system is in good order.

We recommend you do a check of your brake system every year, but if you are one of those who enjoy taking long trips with your car, that visit should be more often. If you have any problem or difficulty braking, come to one of our locations as soon as possible.

At mechaniQ, our clients are our family, that is why your safety and that of your passengers is one of our priorities. Do not leave your care in inexperienced hands, our services are highly guaranteed the best attention at the best price.


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